Does helping someone bring happiness ?
Ask yourself this question and think abouth it.
How do you feel every time you help someone ?
Is it a joy caused by the gratitude of another person ?
Is your day brighter and you feel a better person ?
Help can be shown in various ways not only by doing something.
It could be a kind word, or very often just your presence.
It could be small from little favores,
throu longer, bigger and systematic support of somone.
Now imagine that there are milions of people in the world
unable to coope with surrounding them world, constantly seeking help.
People who often did not deserve the unjust fate that the world put them in.
I call these people, persons who lost their "FREEDOM OF BEING THEMSELFES"
Reasons for situations like that could be various, disability through accident
or genetic disease, eldery people who are often much more sensitive to
different types of illnesses, not only limiting their physical capabilities but
also speech or ability to make logic decisions.
Think how people like that feel left alone to themselves ?
Think if you had a chance to help them, would you do that ?
I helped them, I am still heping them and i will continue to help them.
Because the joy you can get from helping a person for wich you returned her
This is what really a Live-in carer do.
I chose a career in live-in care because my presence changes people's lives.
My job brings the people their life and dignity back to them.
I chose to work in LA VIE EN ROSE company becose it put their clients firs in line.

                Michal Czarnecki
I work for the La vie en rose 24 as a live in carer to proving one to one care,
I dont need to be worry about spread thinly between too many clients, I'm able to focus on one, or indeed just 2 if I care for a couple. I can also have an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with that person and understand their likes and dislikes        
 so that I can care for them on a personal level and with great detail, care and attention

Domiciliary Care Insurance 

AVIVA Summary of Cover: Employers Liability @ 10 million of Indemnity – Public Liability @ 10 million Limit of Indemnity – Professional Indemnity @ 2 million Limit of Indemnity – Includes cover for Liabilities arising from any error or omission by the Insured in the provision of nursing care, first aid and administration of medication – Liability for theft of customer's property by employees – Limit £25000.00

Kasia d'Orgee – Registered Service Provider British Master Degree – Revalidation of the Chronically Sick and Handicapped 18 years experience and 10 more years experience in the UK
Tobiasz Wojciechowski - Director
Malgorzata Pawlak - Registered Manager, 11 years experience in care